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Located in Beppu, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU) provides a path to global citizenship through English or Japanese medium programs in International Management and Asia Pacific Studies. English medium students can complete their degree entirely in English. No prior Japanese language skill is required for English medium.
With a 50% international faculty and student body (represented by over 90 countries/regions), students have an unparalleled intercultural experience in our vibrant learning environment; encouraging understanding, mutual respect, and cooperation.
International applicants are eligible to apply for our Tuition Reduction Scholarships (reduces tuition by 30%, 50%, 65%, 80% or 100%) which are valid until graduation. Bilingual support is also provided to all our students throughout their education at APU.
With a 96% job placement rate at the time of graduation, our multilingual and global minded students have been successful in pursuing careers not only in Japan but across the world, playing a leading role in international society. Come “Shape Your World” and the world around you at APU.


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Only a ten-minute walk from the center of APU’s dynamic campus, on-campus housing offers a peaceful haven for your studies and private life while giving you the opportunity to experience world cultures and make lifelong friendships. With students from more than fifty countries living together under one roof, the time you spend here will be unforgettable.

Shared rooms are separated by a lockable sliding door for privacy when needed and can only be opened if both sides are unlocked. International students are paired with a Japanese-basis roommate to have an even greater opportunity for intercultural exchange. There are second to fourth year students selected as Resident Assistants (RAs), to help you adapt to your new environment, provide support during your time at AP House, and arrange fun activities.



  • 378

shared rooms

  • 932

single rooms

  • 49,000 JPY

monthly rent (including utilities)

  • 44

communal kitchens

  • Fully furnished

fridge, bed, AC/heating, free internet access

  • Services

24-hour security, bedding rental, wi-fi in the lobby

  • Available facilities

laundry, private shower rooms, Japanese-style baths, computer & study rooms, convenience store

  • Entertainment

billiards, outdoor basketball courts, table tennis, and more

Off Campus Housing


Living off campus gives you the chance to practice your Japanese language skills, learn to be independent, and experience local culture through interactions with your neighbors and other people in the local community. By living downtown, it is also easy to join local events and activities, do part-time jobs, and explore Beppu City at your own pace.

Locally Owned Properties


A large number of APU students live in locally-owned apartments on their own or with roommates. Rent typically ranges from 30,000 JPY to 50,000 JPY for a one-bedroom apartment and between 40,000 JPY and 80,000 JPY for a two- or three-bedroom apartment, which you can share with friends. In Japan, apartments are not usually furnished so you will need to buy furniture and electrical appliances when moving in.

Off Campus Housing Support


APU provides support to help you make the transition from on-campus to off-campus accommodation through Creotech, an outsourcing company funded by the Ritsumeikan Trust, who offers housing consultation services. Creotech’s office is located on the first floor of the Administration Building. Find out more about these housing services 

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Q1. What can I study at APU?

A1. There are two colleges to choose from at APU―Asia Pacific Studies and International Management. Asia Pacific Studies will lead to a Bachelor of Social Science degree and International Management will lead to a Bachelor of Business Administration degree. For more details regarding each college, see our academics page. Students study major-related courses in their base language (English or Japanese) while also taking language courses in the opposite language. For more details on language education, visit our language courses page.

Q2. I've never been to Japan and I don't speak Japanese. Can I still study at APU?

A2. Yes. Many of our international students have never visited Japan or studied Japanese before studying at APU. Almost all courses at APU are offered in both English and Japanese, meaning applicants only need sufficient ability in one of these languages at the time of enrollment. However, for English-based students that have no Japanese language abilities, it is highly encouraged for you to start learning basic Japanese on your own before coming to APU. This will ensure you have a smooth start as you will be required to take intense Japanese language classes in order to graduate. The reverse applies to Japanese-based students with limited or no English ability.

Q3. What career support does APU offer?

A3. APU has extensive support through the Career Office to help students in their job search. For the 2018 Academic Year, 96.2% of APU students looking for employment received at least one job offer by the time of graduation. Some students choose to continue their studies by pursuing a graduate degree at APU or other graduate schools around the world.

Q4. I have never been to Japan and/or do not speak the language. What assistance does APU provide to help me when I first arrive?

A4. APU provides an arrival assistance service on specific dates before each semester where student staff greet incoming students at Fukuoka Airport to help them travel to APU for the first time. Before classes start, as a new student, you will participate in several orientation sessions. A select group of second to fourth year students serve as resident assistants (RAs) and live on each floor of AP House, APU's on-campus housing, to help you adjust to your new life in Japan.

Q5. Is part-time work available? Can I have a part-time job?

A5. If you wish to do part-time work as an international student on a student visa, you are first required to apply for a work permit that allows you to work up to 28 hours per week part-time while school is in session. During breaks and vacations, you are permitted to work up to 40 hours a week. You can apply for this permit at the On-Campus Student Job Center after arriving at APU. Jobs are available both on and off campus. The current minimum hourly wage in Oita Prefecture is 790 JPY.

Q6. How much is tuition at APU?

A6. Yearly tuition at APU is as follows:

First year Second – Fourth year

1,300,000 JPY 

1,500,000JPY per year

Q7. What scholarships are available at APU?

A7. International students who will obtain a student visa are eligible to apply for the APU Tuition Reduction Scholarship at the time of application. Please note that this scholarship only covers the cost of tuition. Once you become an APU student, there are other scholarships that you can apply for. You will receive more information on these after enrollment.

Consultant Person in Charge

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Meena Moorthy Admissions Counselor meena-s@apu.ac.jp