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The Global Business Course (GBC) was established as a part of the University of Hyogo’s School of Economics and Management in 2019. It is a 4-year undergraduate program taught entirely in English that accepts both Japanese and Foreign students. The GBC provides students opportunities to study both economics and management from the basics to advanced levels in English. In addition, there are exciting fieldwork and internship opportunities. The University of Hyogo enjoys unique connections with major enterprises in Kobe and elsewhere in Hyogo Prefecture. These connections allow GBC students to join internship programs and have opportunities for actual experience to deepen their understanding of Japanese enterprises.

GBC international students take Japanese language classes as well as classes to learn about and experience Japan. They begin with intensive language courses suitable to their level of Japanese, from beginner to advanced, in order to make their new lives in Japan easier. After this, they continue to study Japanese systematically as well as take classes to increase their understanding of Japanese culture, economics and management.

All GBC students are required to live in Global House, the on-campus international dormitory, for their first year. Three or four students share a unit which includes a kitchen, living room, bathroom and a private bedroom for each student. The University of Hyogo provides GBC students with support in looking for housing when it is time for them to move out of Global House.

All international students are granted a 50% reduction in application, admission and tuition fees. Also, from the 2nd to the 4th year, students with grades in the top 30% are exempted from paying tuition. Additionally, students can apply for financial aid in the form of the Japanese Government Scholarship (MEXT Scholarship), JASSO Scholarships and other private scholarships.


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Dormitory: Global House

Global House, our international dormitory, is located on the Kobe Campus for Commerce. It accommodates 150 international and Japanese students. All Global Business Course students are required to live here for their first year. The community setting of rooms and spaces will provide students with opportunities for cross-cultural experiences and to improve intercultural understanding and communication skills. The Center for Global Engagement is on the ground floor.

Cafeteria:  Shoka Shokudo

The student cafeteria at Kobe Campus for Commerce provides a variety of tasty selections including the popular fried chicken menu items to satisfy our student’s appetites. Students can purchase halal-friendly food as well.

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Application Guidelines - September 2022 Enrollment For International Applicants Residing Outside Japan
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Q1. Is there a MEXT (Government) Scholarship available for GBC students?

A1. Yes. MEXT Scholarship is a 4-year full scholarship and 8 GBC students for September 2022 enrollment will be able to receive MEXT.

Q2. How can I apply for MEXT?

A2. 8 MEXT Scholars are selected from successful candidates who passed the GBC exam.  So first of all, you need to apply for GBC and pass the exam. To apply for GBC, please check the eligibility by referring to “Application Guidelines for September 2022 enrollment.

Q3. Is tuition exemption available for GBC students?

A3. Yes. All GBC international students receive a tuition reduction by 50% for all 4 years.  Furthermore, if your academic performance is in the top 30%, you will receive 100% reduction.

Q4. If I’m in the top 30% in my second year, can I get 100% tuition exemption till graduation?

A4. Yes and No. Your academic performances will be reviewed every year.

Q5. If I cannot get MEXT, is there any other scholarship available?

A5. Yes, there are some scholarships available for you but the eligibility depends. We will inform scholarship information to GBC students whenever it becomes available.

Q6. I graduated from my high school in 2015. Am I eligible to apply for GBC?

A6. Unfortunately No. You must have completed or are expected to complete a 12-year education equivalent to a Japanese 12-year education after September 1, 2019. Please refer to “Application Guidelines for September 2022 enrollment for details.

Q7. I am fluent in English but do not have an official English test score such as TOEFL or TOEIC. Do I still need to provide the English score?

A7. Yes, you still need to provide the official English score. Please refer to “Application Guidelines for September 2022 enrollment for details.

Q8. My Japanese is very poor. Is Japanese proficiency required to apply for GBC?

A8. No. since GBC is a full English program your Japanese skill is not required to apply for GBC at all. No JLPT, EJU required.

Q9. Do you have a dormitory where GBC international students can stay?

A9. Yes, we have “Global House”, an international dormitory on campus. All first year GBC students are required to live in this dorm. The community setting of rooms and spaces will provide students with opportunities for cross-cultural experiences and to improve intercultural understanding and communication skills. 

Q10. Do you have a master course for GBC students after 4 years?

A10. Yes, we have a Global Business Master’s Degree Program if you wish to continue your study in our university. This master program just started in April 2021.

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