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Kanazawa University consists of the four colleges of "Human and Social Sciences", "Science and Engineering", "Medical, Pharmaceutical and Health Sciences" and “Philosophy in Interdisciplinary Sciences”, 7 graduate schools, and other organizations such as a Cancer Research Institute.

The enrollment is over 10,370 and students come not only from the Hokuriku prefectures of Ishikawa, Fukui, and Toyama, but also from various other areas of the country. There are over 660 international students from 43 countries including Asian countries such as China, Korea, Indonesia, Vietnam, and other countries, who are studying in pursuit of their goals.

It is possible to study one discipline in depth to master a specialized topic, and also to take classes in a wide range of disciplines to obtain a variety of knowledge.

Kanazawa University has its origin in the smallpox vaccination center of the Kaga Clan, which was established in 1862. With a tradition of student ambition and desire for self-improvement, which has remained unchanged for 150 years, Kanazawa University is steadily advancing as a forward-thinking research university of the coming age.



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0762645236 g-planning@adm.kanazawa-u.ac.jp
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Kakumamachi Kanazawa Ishikawa 9201192

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Number: 64 227 233 112


Student and International Student Dormitory

- "Hokumei“ (120 rooms/each unit shared with 5 students)

- “Sakigake” (78 rooms/each unit shared with 8 students)

• International House (63 single room)

• Ishikawa International Student House "Morinosato" (19 single/5 double rooms)

• Private apartments (approximately 30,000 JPY ~ 50,000 JPY)

There are dining halls, cafeterias and shops on each campus.


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Q1. Which majors and graduate schools are popular among international students at Kanazawa University?

A1. There are 140 international students in the medical and pharmaceutical fields, 160 in the humanities, and 327 in the science and engineering fields, and there are international students in a variety of academic fields and majors. Many of them are in the doctoral program in medicine and the master's program in humanities and science and engineering.

Q2. Please let me know if there are any specific requirements (TOEFL score, JPT score, EJU score, etc.) for applying to Kanazawa University.

A2. There are basically no specific EJU or TOEFL scores required for application. However, some colleges or graduate schools may have requirements, so you need to check the student application guidelines.

Q3. Does Kanazawa University have any scholarship programs or tuition reduction/exemption system for international students? Who are eligible to apply for them?

A3. Our university offers its own scholarship program that provides 180,000 yen per year for students enrolled in regular graduate programs, which can be applied for by the designated date prior to enrollment. It is possible to apply for this scholarship in addition to other private scholarships (unless there are restrictions on private scholarships). However, those who belong to specified universities are eligible, so please inquire with us in advance. There is also a scholarship program that provides 40,000 yen per month for less than one month and 70,000 yen per month for more than one month (up to six months) for students who are enrolled in a overseas university as a graduate student and study at Kanazawa University for practical training or study.

The conditions for receiving these scholarships are not disclosed, but there is no special examination, and the decision will be made after screening at our university.

Q4. Which undergraduate and graduate courses are taught in English?

A4. As for graduate schools, many classes and courses are available in English, so you do not need to be fluent in Japanese. For undergraduate courses, there are also curriculums where you can earn credits only in English, but it is preferable to have some level of Japanese language proficiency (N2).


Q5. Is there a consultation service for international students when problems arise?

A5. Students can feel free to consult with their academic advisors or tutors if they have any problems with their studies, course work, daily life, or other issues. There is also an individual counseling system available by appointment only. The Student Counseling Room is staffed by certified psychologists, and students can consult with them about their psychological problems.

Consultant Person in Charge

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Tatsuya Hirose International Relations Department, International Planning Division g-planning@adm.kanazawa-u.ac.jp